The etymology of the name of the project derives from the name of the city of Yaounde. Indeed, the local populations call the city Ngola, which comes from the term Ongola, which means “fence” in EWONDO and refers to the wall of the former German post office. For other historians, the fence was the one that protected the village of Epsum, meaning “at Essomba” or N’tsonum, meaning “at Essono Ela”, then located on the Yaounde site.

More than a fence, the name ONGOLATOWN is a symbol of a real haven where families mainly from the Cameroonian diaspora live in an ultra-modern and urbanized environment. Phase 1 of the project is located in Nzazomo near the Father Monti school. The allotment is a total size of 5 ha but after allotment we obtain 3 hectares 600 put on sale.

Three high-end house models are offered mainly to an exclusive diaspora clientele that we know particularly demanding. These models are the true trademarks that truly correspond to the needs we have observed over the past four years among diaspora clients.

Nous mettons l’emphase particulièrement sur une qualité de constructions supérieure, la verdure et l’air pur pour garantir à chaque résident de savourer chaque moment passé à la maison. Aussi, chaque maison est munie d’un système de vidéosurveillance avec interphone caméra. Toutes les maisons seront équipées de câblodistribution et connectées à la fibre optique.

Pour les éventuels acquéreurs, les programmes de financement alléchants du Crédit Foncier du Cameroun sont offerts à tous. 

ONGOLATOWN is a pure product of the firm CAMERHOUSE.

Dominating the locality of Nzazomo, the ONGOLATOWN project is large in scale and enjoys a
privileged location. Close to a main paved road and accessible to all
metropolitan services.

The main accommodations provided on site are:

  • A water tower that will guarantee a quality supply of running water independent of the CAMWATER network
  • Electrification of the complete subdivision via the ENEO network
  • Construction of drains and gutters for wastewater
  • The entire road network of the subdivision will be paved mainly with asphalt including secondary roads

Apart from this, the subdivision will be equipped with a security system with video camera and a 24-hour security service.
7 days per week The management of common services will be the responsibility of the syndic of co-owners. Specifications and an
explicit guide are available. Each purchaser undertakes to comply with them.

Enjoy the joys of aready-to-liveproperty that meets all your design and construction quality requirements. The villas have been judiciously designed and arranged to free you from the hazards of home maintenance… without compromising on the comfort to which you are naturally accustomed. Our PRESTIGE villas offer you:

  • A fence with sliding gate
  • Complete landscaping including paving
  • Modern recessed luminaires and chandeliers
  • Installing optic fiber for a high-speed Internet connection
  • The Staff on the ceiling
  • A parking space or indoor parking (Garage)
  • A video surveillance system